Half day workshop
KS3 or KS4 interested in hardware and games.

Pimoroni stands for Pirate, Monkey, Robot, Ninja (Pi-Mo-Ro-Ni) and they are on a mission to show the fun things that can be made using electronics.

In this workshop, you will find out how to build and wire up alternative controllers for games, a motion sensor based one, a sound sensitive one, a games mat, or just a lot of cardboard and buttons.
After that, you can spend time playtesting your new creation.

Led by Tanya from Pimoroni

Session 1
10Am – 12Pm on WEDNESDAY 26th June 12 LEFT
Session 2
1Pm – 3Pm on WEDNESDAY 26th June 12 LEFT
Session 3
10Am – 12Pm on THURSDAY 27th June 12 LEFT
Session 4
1pm – 3Pm on THURSDAY 27th June 12 LEFT

Note: A maximum of 8 places on each session may be booked by any one school


How do I get involved?

Book your place by emailing Clair Fellows at c.fellows@shu.ac.uk.
Check out the timetable page for the complete schedule.

You can also ring the outreach team on 0114 225 4777 if you have any questions.