Shooty Fruity

Service with a Smile… and a Shotgun!

Scan, serve and pack produce whilst shooting guns to defend your store from an onslaught of mutant fruit!

Fight in violently juicy shootouts, unloading your awesome weaponry into swarms of rampaging fruit. Just don’t forget to scan the shopping! Prove you’re a gun-toting multitasker by fulfilling your juicy career as supermarket clerk during the heat of succulently sweet combat.

This will be available in the main area during the festival in between workshops. If you would like to learn more about VR consider the Impact VR workshop in order to give yourself more time to explore what the technology can do.


How do I get involved?

Book your place by emailing Clair Fellows at
Check out the timetable page for the complete schedule.

You can also ring the outreach team on 0114 225 4777 if you have any questions.