The 2022 Games Britannia Videogames Education Festival will take place together with Sheffield Hallam University  Tech Week in the week of 20-24 June, 2022. This year, our event will happen on June, 24th, in collaboration with the National Videogame Museum!

Check our schedule on the SHU Games Britannia website!


The Games Britannia Festival brings creativity and technology together, providing schools and colleges with workshops and activities led by games industry experts and academics. Started in 2011 by Brinsworth Comprehensive School, it is now run by the Department of Computing at Sheffield Hallam University as part of a range of initiatives which attempt to engage schools and teachers in Computer Science.

Programming is just one facet of the Games Britannia festival, which incorporates areas of the curriculum as diverse as English, Maths, Computing, Music and Art – all through the exciting field of videogame development.

The core of the festival focuses on providing free hands-on workshops aimed at school children and is open to local and national schools including home-schooled pupils. The festival also includes speaker events open to the general public, as well as activities specifically targeted at higher education students wanting to break into the games industry.